Upcoming 3G Sunset Could Effect ELD’s

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12 Jun 2020

The 3G Sunset is something that has been talked about for a while but it is now becoming a reality. With technology and internet services evolving at rapid rates, there is a need for this “sunset” to allow wireless carriers to provide better capacity and bandwidth for their customers.

This is expected to be a slow and gradual process that you will begin to notice over time. You will begin to experience issues (if you haven’t already) such as coverage being decreased, no type of repairs available, or not having a signal in areas until finally the 2G/3G network is completely shut down.

Fleets and drivers need to understand the effect this will have on their ELD devices if they are covered by 3G as some may already be noticing a lack of service or data in areas. Carriers will need to prepare to start switching over to tablets or ELDs that are covered by 4G/5G networks to ensure they will be able to continue to stay in compliance with the ELD mandate.

A plus side to the switch is this newer network has faster speeds and better overall coverage. Fleets can receive data and updates quicker in the back-office of their ELD accounts.

If you are not certain what network your ELD device is covered with, contact your provider. This will help to determine if you need to look into upgrading your services or if your fleet is safe from the sunset. A few providers are allowing discounts when upgrading devices.

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