TxDMV Releases Notices Related to Weather Conditions

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18 Feb 2021

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV)  and Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) has released notices and waivers in regards to the Disaster Declaration issued by Governor Greg Abbott and the severe weather conditions Texas is experiencing.

Vehicle size and weight requirements have been suspended for operators of commercial vehicles to travel throughout Texas to provide disaster assistance. The oversize and overweight permitting requirements under Transportation Code, Chapters 621 through 623, as well as Title 43, Chapter 219 of the Texas Administrative Code, for all divisible and non-divisible vehicles and loads.

The suspensions do not apply to any requirement not specifically listed in the notice, including safety and insurance requirements. The driver of the vehicle must keep the following documentation and provide to any Texas peace officer upon request:

  1. a copy of this notice; and
  2. a copy of the Governor’s disaster declaration, including any amendments.


The severe winter storm affecting Texas has increased the need for the transportation of alternative fuels in Texas. The Office of the Governor has waived any Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) enforcement of certain statutes and rules relating to the transport of alternative fuels. RRC is waiving the requirements for companies to have a license for the transportation of alternative fuels and the registration of units transporting alternative fuels in Texas.

All transport units must meet US DOT regulations and must meet the minimum insurance requirements in Texas Administrative Code Chapters 9, 13 and 14, as applicable, to qualify for the waiver. The waiver will remain in effect until March 2, 2021 unless terminated sooner by the Office of the Governor.

The full notice by the TxDMV can be found, here.

The full waiver by the RRC can be found, here.

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