Purchase Plans for Upcoming Clearinghouse

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28 Aug 2019

FMCSA has released the cost of querying the upcoming Clearinghouse in order to meet the new mandate, effective January 6, 2020. The purchase plans start at $1.25 per query. Employers can purchase queries in bundles based on the number of queries they estimate running in that year, quarter or budget period. Additional queries can be purchased as needed. There is no cost to drivers for registration or subscribing to the Clearinghouse. Third party administrators (TPA) cannot purchase bundles on behalf of the employer. Queries can be purchased beginning this fall.

There are two types of queries, limited queries and full queries. Limited queries tell if there is activity on the driver’s account. The driver will need to give prior consent to the employer before the query is requested. If there is activity on the account, the employer must run a full query. The full query will give the details of any resolved or ongoing violations concerning DOT drug and alcohol testing. The driver will need to give prior consent within the Clearinghouse system before a full query is granted. If a full query is ran after a limited query for the same driver, the motor carrier will receive one charge for both queries.

Employers are required to query the Clearinghouse for CDL operators prior to the driver performing any safety-sensitive functions. They must also make annual queries for current employed CDL operators.

Learn more about the Clearinghouse and cost of queries by downloading the FREE Clearinghouse Query Plan Factsheet here or visit the FMCSA Clearinghouse web-page here.

The Clearinghouse Query-Plan-Factsheet