Provinces of Canada Beginning to Enforce ELD Mandate

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8 Mar 2021

Some provinces of Canada will begin to enforce the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate on June 12, 2021. Enforcement will be “soft” in the beginning as education and awareness will be the focus.

Nonetheless, carriers are expected to fulfill their duty of compliance by acquiring ELDs for their fleet in a timely manner. This is dependent upon Canada’s third-party certification advisors, FPInnovations, to certify devices that meet ELD requirements and regulations. U.S. carriers entering Canada will be required to use Canadian approved ELDs when traveling in the country. Drivers must continue to use paper logs until they get an ELD.

One of the provinces, Quebec, has announced it will not be enforcing the ELD mandate. The province’s Highway Safety Code does not match the federal regulations in regards to the hours of service (HOS) and rest of heavy vehicle drivers. Quebec transportation industry is in the progress of working to find a solution that works for both agencies. Each province has their own HOS regulations so it is possible other provinces will also delay the start of enforcement for the ELD mandate.

Lee Trans will continue to make updates on Facebook and LinkedIn if any changes arise before the mandate becomes effective.