Level-1 Roadside Inspection Blitz June 4-6

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The Environmental Protection Agency is set to reevaluate greenhouse gas emission rules in the trucking industry.
27 Mar 2019

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will be conducting the annual International Roadcheck 72-hour blitz on June 4-6. They will focus on steering and suspension systems, however, they will conduct Level 1 inspections on most vehicles. The Level 1 inspection includes driver compliance in addition to vehicle compliance. This means the driver will also be asked to provide their CDLs, medical certificates, logs and other items.

If the driver and vehicle pass the inspection, the driver will receive a CVSA decal as proof of passed inspection. Wear these badges proudly!

An average of 17 vehicles per minute are inspected during the blitz. Last year’s 72-hour blitz resulted in over 2,600 drivers and over 12,000 vehicles¬†put out-of-service.¬† A few of the top violations were brakes, tire and wheels, brake adjustments, hours of service, wrong class license and false logs.

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