*UPDATE* FMCSA Emergency Declarations

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19 Mar 2020


FMCSA has reorganized its listings of COVID-19 declaration and actions, click here. The department also has a Coronavirus page, here.



FMCSA has released an Extended Emergency Declaration providing regulatory relief for commercial motor vehicle operations that are providing direct assistance in support of emergency relief efforts related to the COVID-19 outbreaks. The exemption is from Parts 390 through 399, however, the exemption specifically excludes Part 382 (controlled substances and alcohol use and testing requirements), Part 383 (commercial driver’s license requirements), Part 387 (financial responsibility requirements), Parts 100-180 (hazardous material regulations), and applicable vehicle size and weight requirements.

This declaration will remain in effect until the termination of the emergency or until 11:59 PM on April 12, 2020, whichever occurs sooner.

Some states have declared Emergency Declarations as well and are coordinating with FMCSA to work together. Exemptions are being released for expiring driver’s licenses while the states are under the declaration of disaster for COVID-19. Other restrictions are being lifted such as alcohol distributors being allowed to help deliver groceries.

For more information on both federal and state declarations and waivers, click here.

For information on state driver licensing and vehicle registration agencies’ operations, click here.

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