Coronavirus Update: Business Continuity Plan

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17 Mar 2020

In response to the global coronavirus situation, LeeTrans has taken steps to ensure our service levels are minimally impacted. Currently, there are no reported cases of coronavirus within the LeeTrans organization and we continue to monitor the national response and measures set forth by our local community.

Preventative Measures: LeeTrans has shared valuable preventative information with our employees regarding the coronavirus and continue to relay important information as received. We have implemented several employee policies that allow for flexible sick leave to help minimize personnel impact.

Business Continuity: We do not foresee any disruptions to our websites or our ability to provide technical and customer service support. Positions related to technical and customer support have the ability to work remotely in the event of a larger pandemic. Operational impact is dependent on the scope and severity of the pandemic. Personnel redundancies are utilized in all areas of operations and extended work hours will be approved as required. If it comes to a point where there is a major disruption and services levels are impacted, we will proactively communicate with our customers until the impact has been mitigated.