Benefits of Outsourcing DOT Compliance to Lee Trans

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a handheld chalkboard has various markings on it related to how full compliance can be reached by a company.
20 Jan 2021

Outsourcing your company’s DOT compliance management to a third-party vender is a big decision but may be worth it. An even bigger decision is determining which vender to trust with such a tedious job. With over 35 years of experience in the transportation compliance industry, Lee Trans is here to help!

Lower Your Risk and Exposure:

If one of your drivers is in an accident, there is a high possibility your company will be going to court. One of the first items subpoenaed is the DOT Driver File. Understand that Tort Law is harsher than DOT Law, so this is where your exposure is the highest. With Lee Trans, you have a third-party reviewing your information which ensures consistency and non-partial reviews. We make sure there i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed as well as pointing out areas that could put the company at risk.

Knowledgeable Team:

You will have a dedicated client service representative (CSR) for your company. Your CSR will not only be your expert on our system but also on DOT regulations. We will work to streamline processes, freeing your time to handle the core issues of your while while giving you peace of mind that your company is being monitored by experts.

Audit Support:

A majority of the time, the question is not if but when you will be audited. When that time comes, we work directly with the auditor to provide what is required by DOT and limiting all other information, protecting you from unnecessary exposure. With Lee Trans, you have an entire team as an extension of your company. We do not go on vacation, get sick, leave you with a notice or require training. We are here when you need us and even when you think you don’t. We provide a centralized way to track compliance data so you can see your risk and access the data electronically.

For more information on the services we offer, visit If you are interested in hearing more about how Lee Trans can help your company with DOT compliance, call us at (936) 632-1925 or email