UQ Your On-Line Driver Qualification System

Now U can check Driver Qualification easily with UQ!

For transportation professionals who wish to collect, upload, enter and manage their own Driver Qualification files, Lee TranServices has created the UQ webapplication. You can access UQ from any computer with Internet access and enter detailed driver qualification information, and effortlessly upload imaged documents.

The UQ will audit your driver files based on FMCSA requirements and customizable company parameters, report any compliance gaps or incomplete driver information, and provide you the ability to view your entire fleet’s compliance or inspect a single driver.

UQ is Highly Customizable
UQ is highly customizable to mirror your company structure with respect to who gets notifications and reports.

You get an unlimited amount of customizable user accounts with
administrator-assigned access levels for:

Data and Image Capture
UQ allows you to enter existing FMCSA required driver data, as well as information required by your company, such as education, felony convictions, etc. You can also track information on candidates that were not hired.

Standard Document Images Include

Other types of forms with your branding can also be added.

If you would like to learn more about our online driver qualification system or for a complimentary demonstration, a no-charge cost comparison analysis and service-free estimate, please contact us at 800-569-1675 or send us an email.

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