Why fleets need to trust their data

Posted on 02/09/2017 by David Radke


According to Experian Data Quality's Global Data Management Benchmark Report, nearly 84 percent of U.S. companies said data is an important component of a business strategy.

Data in the trucking industry is nothing new. The constant flow of information helps fleet services react in real time to shipping delays and bubbling trends. But fleets may not always trust such large amounts of information they collect.

Why data isn't always trusted

EDQ's report found that 27 percent of executives believe data is inaccurate. As a result, nearly 52 percent of C-suite leaders rely on gut feelings to make decisions based on data.

"52 percent of C-suite leaders rely on gut feelings to make decisions."

Mistrust in data may be attributed to the large amounts being collected on a daily basis. In an interview with Fleet Owner, Steve Sashihara, CEO and founder of Princeton Consultants, said zettabytes of information are being created every day. 

More often than not, however, human error leads to bad data, starting a chain reaction of bad decisions made because of errors that can be easily corrected.

Getting over mistrust

Trucking companies can't make business decisions based off assumptions - they must trust their data. To ensure all information is correct, trucking companies should train and retrain workers and drivers on how to uphold data standards.

Companies can also consider installing Internet of Things devices to reduce human error. Fortune highlighted how Swift Transportation plans to install IoT devices in trucks and collect data on those vehicles, such as engine performance and the health of brake systems. After analyzing data, technicians know exactly when a truck needs to be repaired. This precision reduces downtime and maximizes safety.

Data collection is integral to success, and trucking companies have to trust the data being collected in order to successfully leverage it.

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