Regulatory freeze may halt new rule

Posted on 01/27/2017 by David Radke

The White House

On the first day of his presidency, President Trump issued an executive order halting the publication of new and pending regulations. Additionally, government agencies were ordered to postpone the effective dates of rules published in the Federal Register, but which haven't become effective yet.

Those orders will likely impact the rollout of the Entry-Level Driver Training rule, which was expected to become effective Feb. 6 after being published in early December, according to Overdrive Magazine.

As such, this rule will be delayed by 60 days from Jan. 20 in order to allow the new administration time to review the rule.

Fleet services may recall that this rule creates requirements to ensure trainees are proficient behind the wheel and ace their classroom curriculum. Originally, the rule received widespread support across the trucking industry. But the December revision was more controversial because groups like the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association didn't find requirements for behind the wheel training sufficient enough.

The Trump administration hasn't provided any clues as to how they view the rule, so for now, the trucking industry has to sit tight to see what might happen with the Entry-Level Training rule.

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