Integrated DOT Compliance & Risk Management Solutions

Integrated Compliance Solutions

Lee TranServices’ DOT compliance and risk management service solutions are available as a single service or a complete integrated solution and can even be customized to meet your exact specifications (see chart to the right).

By understanding and working within the context of your existing processes and customizing audits accordingly, we can provide you with a tailored multiservice solution that incorporates the proper balance of compliance and risk management.

At Lee TranServices, we realize that regulatory compliance and risk management are complex business issues where one mistake can have a profound domino effect on your profitability and risk exposure, which is why we provide a high level of compliance management that helps you stay on top of all of your compliance and risk initiatives.

Technology – The Key to Consistent Compliance & Real Risk Reduction

Realizing that risk is inherent in transportation, Lee TranServices has made controlling and minimizing that risk a critical component of our services through our web-based information technology platform, built by people who have an in-depth understanding of your particular exposure.

Through our technologically advanced platform, Lee TranServices offers up-to-date, comprehensive information management with accurate, timely reports so that you can make informed decisions that reduce risk. The information provided to you from Lee TranServices is optimized and tailored to meet your needs and unique circumstances.

For over a decade, Lee TranServices has been building and improving our own specialized software solutions that incorporate our expertise on transportation compliance and risk management. Today, we are considered to be the “standard” in our industry for powerful web-based technological solutions.

To learn more about our transportation regulatory compliance and risk management service solutions or for a complimentary demonstration, a no-charge cost comparison analysis and service-free estimate, please call 1-800-569-1675 or send us an email.

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