IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting, Refund & Recovery Management Services

From the IFTA Tax Compliance & Risk Management Specialists

Going beyond document and data processing, Lee TranServices’ philosophy and practice is all about managing your International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) fuel tax reporting, compliance and risk/liability reduction, while speeding up refunds with unsurpassed cost effectiveness.

With a Lee TranServices fuel tax reporting solution, you receive:

The Importance of Fuel Tax Reporting & Compliance Management

The full implementation of IFTA created enormous advantages in tax compliance administration and disbursement efficiencies (refunds and rebates) for the motor carrier industry.

However, with the implementation of IFTA consolidation benefits came increased tax liability exposure during audits since the base jurisdiction now automatically applies audit findings across all states of operation in determining tax and penalty assessments. This change, coupled with a tremendously increased audit activity level, has resulted in recent carrier audit assessments exceeding the $1 million level.

Managing this audit exposure through a 4 to 6year statute of limitations is the single greatest tax compliance challenge in today’s transportation business environment, but with Lee TranServices’ fuel tax reporting, refund and recovery management service solutions, we ensure that your regulatory compliance processes and reporting needs are met.

Fuel Tax Reporting Management Solutions

At Lee TranServices, our true differentiating factor in our transportation fleet’s fuel tax reporting and compliance management program is that we provide superior audit management, support and representation and ensure the integrity, accuracy and quality of your fuel and mileage data through our “Best Practices” approach.

These key factors are the foundation upon which the Lee TranServices fuel tax reporting and compliance management service is built, resulting in the premier tax compliance solution in the marketplace today and for the past 25 years.

Our philosophy entails managing compliance and risk/liability reduction on our clients’ behalf, versus a document/data processing only role. This differentiating philosophy - combined with the unsurpassed client cost-effectiveness achieved in utilizing our technology-based solution - has made Lee TranServices the fastest growing fuel tax reporting management services provider in the transportation industry today.

Consider our dedicated Lee TranServices Team as an integral resource extension of your fuel tax management efforts - an essential, contributing partner to your profitability, compliance and risk management objectives.

If you would like to learn more about our IFTA fuel tax reporting, refund and recovery management service solutions or for a complimentary demonstration, please contact us at 800-569-1675 or send us an email.

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