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Transportation Regulatory Compliance & Risk Management Services Company

For over 30 years, Lee TranServices has focused exclusively on providing custom state and federal DOT regulatory compliance and risk management solutions for private motor carrier fleets, as well as for-hire fleets, with a personal, hands-on approach.

This determined concentration has resulted in deep, specialized knowledge, a wealth of experience and the development of flexible, industry-leading information technologies. Our greatest source of satisfaction has been to use these resources to service our clients, and to see them prosper from our efforts over the years.

Lee TranServices is thankful to our loyal clients for making us one of the nation’s largest privately-held, full-service providers of affordable transportation compliance and risk management services.

Why Outsource?

Regulatory compliance and risk management are complex business issues where one mistake can have a profound domino effect on profitability and risk exposure. Lee TranServices provides a high level of compliance management that can help you stay on top of all your compliance and risk initiatives.

Specifically, Lee TranServices can help you:

Our Company History

Lee TranServices was founded in 1984 by Gene Lee, whose background was private fleet management as the Corporate Traffic Manager for one of the nation’s largest providers of oilfield pumping units and gear reducers/increasers. When Lee founded Lee TranServices, he defined his company by integrity – an attribute that has enabled us to attract the quality associates needed to elevate our proactive client service level to one considered the most elite in the industry today.

The initial focus of Lee’s company was the small for-hire motor carrier, with an emphasis on Asset Management. Services such as Federal Operating Authorities, Titling, Licensing and Permitting were provided to clients throughout the East Texas Area. As growth occurred, the same array of services was offered to companies that encompassed all of Texas, as well as the region of Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

By early 1994, Lee TranServices had become known not only as a leading provider of vehicle related transportation services, but more importantly a company defined by our founding standard - integrity. As this pivotal quality became more widely recognized, Lee TranServices found that it had the ability to attract quality associates; a fact proving to be the basis for a level of service that is considered a “standard” in the industry today.

Another by-product of this “standard” of service was that larger companies in need of transportation services began to recognize the benefits and economy of outsourcing to Lee TranServices. It was during this period that one of Lee TranServices’ larger clients requested assistance in the area of Driver Compliance and D.O.T. Log Auditing. These areas proved to be a natural fit, and by the end of 1995, Lee TranServices began to implement what would soon become a full array of Driver Regulatory Compliance Services.

By the year 2000, recognizing the potential of technological innovation, Lee TranServices established an industry leading Information Technology Department and began to design their own line of specialized software solutions. We realized that, in the Transportation Industry, risk was inherent and controlling that risk was critical.

By utilizing web-based technological-driven solutions, we are able to provide clients with a high degree of control over risk - yet still allow them the advantage of the cost-effective expert solutions provided by Lee TranServices.

With our focus on the unique challenges and needs of the Transportation Industry, Lee TranServices has upheld a central role in the daily operations of its customer’s Transportation Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management efforts for more than 30 years.

Lee TranServices believes that ensuring their customer’s care, controlling their risk and providing “best-practices” can be done effectively, innovatively and with great integrity.

To learn more about Lee TranServices or for a complimentary demonstration of our services, a no-charge cost comparison analysis and service-free estimate, please call 1-800-569-1675 or send us an email.

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